Sea Breeze for NASA World Wind

Sea Breeze for World Wind is a large and sweeping collection of high resolution maps depicting a wide array of oceanic characteristics and properties. Data categories include Bathymetry, Seafloor Features, Geology, Geophysics, Oceanography and Meteorology.

This World Wind add-on includes over 600 maps covering nearly 50 physical, chemical and biological parameters of the world’s oceans and seas. The highest resolution publicly available data is compiled from the leading, most up to date sources to provide presentation quality analyses.

Sea Breeze for World Wind allows you to readily visualize the complex processes that underlie the behavior of Earth’s largest climatic and biological engine. It is designed to provide a scientific reference source of oceanographic data, as well as an intuitive interface for the educational exploration of oceanic properties.

Bathymetry and Topography

Sea Breeze includes the color Ochre, Olive and Ultramarine and grayscale Charcoal shaded relief maps from PanglossTech’s Shaded Relief add-on. These maps are derived from the best available global bathymetry datasets and have a maximum resolution of approximately 1 km (~0.6 miles, or ~30 arc sec). High resolution bathymetric contours and a highly detailed shoreline are also provided.

Seafloor Features

Sea Breeze identifies over 18,000 geographic features on the seabed. Over 30 categories of items include: seamounts, fracture zones, basins, trenches, ridges, reefs, islands, seas, gulfs and bays.

Geology and Geophysics

Sea Breeze provides maps of seafloor earthquake frequency and depth, tsunamis, tectonic plates and hotspots. Geological maps of crustal properties such as age, thickness and magnetism are also included.


Sea Breeze explores many physical, chemical and biological characteristics of the marine world. The distribution of numerous nutrients and inorganic ions are depicted at varying depths, from the surface to the ocean bottom. These parameters include temperature, chlorophyll, oxygen, salinity, phosphate and nitrate, among others. Ocean currents control the flow of heat and nutrients throughout the marine environment. Maps are presented that illustrate the major components of this system.


Climatologies of assorted atmospheric phenomena related to oceanic processes are illustrated by Sea Breeze. Air temperature and pressure maps are provided along with wind speeds and direction. Precipitation, cloud cover and sea ice are also included.

Climate Change

Sea Breeze contains maps depicting changes in the heat content of the oceans over the last 50 years at multiple depths. Coral bleaching conditions in recent years are also included.

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