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Rhea: Craters

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Feature NameLatitudeLongitudeDiameter (km)Origin
Aananin34.920.1 Korean god of the Heavens.
Adjua40.2-118.9 Mythical heroine and ancestor of the Ulci tribe.
Agunua63.3-66.2 San Cristobal (Melanesia) god who made sea, land, people.
Ameta53.3-21.9 Ceram (Indonesia) ancestor whose blood made Hainuwele.
Arunaka-15.3-22.1 Inca creator of all things.
Atum-47.1-1.1 Old creator God of Heliopolis; became son of Ptah.
Bulagat-38.2-15.2 Mythological ancestor of the Buriat tribe.
Bumba63.1-50.4 Bushongo; dwelt in primordial waters; vomited up sun, moon, stars,
animals, and men. Showed man how to make fire.
Burkhan66.849.4 Buriat (Siberia) god who created world.
Con-25.8-12.7 Inca coastal creator god.
Djuli-31.2-46.7 Neghidahan (Ukrainian) first man who was ancestor of the people.
Ellyay71.4-91.8 Yakutian ancestor of the people.
Faro45.3-114 Mande; his sacrificial killing in heaven atoned for his twin Pemba's sin; purified Earth.
Haik-36.6-29.3 Mythological ancestor of the Armenian people.
Haoso8.3-12.5 Manchurian creator of all things.
Heller10.144.9 Auracanin creator of men and bringer of civilization.
Iraca39.4-112.1 Incan creator god who became the moon.
Izanagi-49.449.8 Japanese creator god, brother of Izanami.
Izanami-46.346.6 Sister and wife of Izanagi; creator goddess.
Jumo52.8-66.5 Marijan sky god.
Karora5.9-20.1 Aranda (Australia) ancestor who, in his dreams, gives birth to animals and male children.
Khado41.60.9 Nanajan; mythological hero who built the world. The first Shaman.
Kiho-11.11.3 Tuamotu (Society Islands) progenitor being; existed in void; made land, sea.
Kumpara9.632.9 Jivaro (Ecuador) creator god.
Leza-21.850.8 Tonga originator of the conditions of life.
Lowa40.9-16.6 Marshal Islands (Melanesia) great creator god.
Malunga65.1-56.2 Yao (Bantu); creator god; left Earth to live in sky when man was cruel to animals.
Manoid29.5-8.5 Negrito (Malay Peninsula) female progeniter goddess; wife of Pedn.
Melo-53.2-7.1 Minyong (India); original male.
Mubai55.8-20.2 Tibetan heavenly god.
Num24-92.7 Nenets and Selkup (Samoyed) god of heaven.
Ormazd52.5-58.5 Persian progenitor god of light.
Pan Ku65.7-107.7 Miao; creator of all things.
Pedn468.3 Negrito (Malay Peninsula) god who created first men.
Qat-23.88.4 New Hebrides (Melanesia); born from a stone; formed men out of trees.
Sholmo1213.6 Buriat (Siberia) devil who creates.
Taaroa16.5-95.5 Tahitian god imminent in all creation; existed alone in the void.
Thunupa45.6-21.3 Inca creator of all things.
Tika25.1-84.1 Abkhaz (Georgian - eastern Black Sea region) supreme being.
Tirawa34.2-151.7 Great spirit of Pawnee Tribe (USA), created first men;
his messengers were the planets, stars, lightning and thunder.
Tore024.4 Pygmy lord of the world, creator of all things. (IAU-defined longitude is 340 degrees.)
Torom-68.116.5 Ostyak (western Siberia) sky god.
Uku78.7-95.5 Estonian super god.
Whanin66.9-115 Korean creator of all things.
Wuraka25.1-4 Kakadu (Australia) ancestor of all people; a giant.
Xamba2.110.3 Bushman supreme being, creator of all things.
Xu55-71.9 Bushman creator.
Yu-Ti50.1-81.5 "August Personage of Jade"; supreme primal Chinese god.