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Mars: Valles

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Feature NameLatitudeLongitudeDiameter (km)Origin
Abus Vallis-5.5-147.358Classical name for Humber River in England.
Al-Qahira Vallis-18.2162.5555Word for 'Mars' in Arabic, Indonesian, Malay.
Allegheny Vallis-9.1-54200River in Pennsylvania, USA.
Anio Valles37.855.936.5Classical river in Italy; modern Aniene and Teverone rivers.
Apsus Vallis34.8135120Classical river in ancient Macedonia, present-day Greece.
Arda Valles-20.6-32.3186Ancient European river (Bulgaria).
Ares Vallis10.3-25.81,700Word for 'Mars' in Greek.
Arnus Vallis13.970.5280Classical and present day Arno River in Tuscany, Italy (previously named Arena Rupes).
Asopus Vallis-4.4-149.733Classical name for modern Hagios River, Greece.
Athabasca Valles8.5155285River in Canada. (Changed from Athabasca Vallis.)
Auqakuh Vallis30.160.1312Word for 'Mars' in Quechua (Inca).
Axius Valles-55.770.1349Ancient European River (Vardar River of Greece).
Bahram Vallis20.5-57.5302Word for 'Mars' in Persian.
Brazos Valles-6.218.9458River in Texas, USA.
Buvinda Vallis33.1151.9119.6Classical river in Hibernia; present Boyne River, Ireland.
Chico Valles-66.8-153.5450River in Argentina.
Clanis Valles33.258.458Classical river in Etruria; present Chiana River, Italy.
Clasia Vallis33.856.9125Classical river in Umbria, Italy.
Clota Vallis-25.5-20.6112Ancient name for present River Clyde, Scotland.
Columbia Valles-9.4-42.994River in Washington, USA.
Coogoon Valles17.1-21.9300River in Australia.
Cusus Valles14.350.5249Classical name for modern Hron River in Czechoslavakia.
Daga Vallis-12-42.470River in Burma.
Dao Vallis-38.487.9816Word for "star" in Thai.
[Deva Valles]-7.8-156.90Classical river in Scotland.
Deva Vallis-7.6-15748Classical name for Dee River in Scotland; new position and coordinates.
Dittaino Valles-1.5-67138Modern river in Italy.
Doanus Vallis-63-25.6131Classical river shown in Ptolemy's map; may be modern Mekong River of Burma.
Drava Valles-48.7166.3150Modern river in Yugoslavia.
Drilon Vallis7.2-52.494Classical name for present Drin River, Albania.
[Drinus Valles]-23-17.50Ancient European river (Yugoslavia); dropped 1984.
Dubis Vallis-5.2-148.237Classical name for modern Doubs River, France.
Durius Valles-17.4172.1223Classical name for modern Douro River, Portugal.
Dzigai Vallis-58.5-36.6326Word for "valley" in Navajo.
Elaver Vallis-9.4-49.5160Classical name for modern Allier River, France.
Enipeus Vallis36.7-93.1357Classical river.
Evros Vallis-12.613.9335River in Greece.
Frento Vallis-50-14.5277Classical name for river in Italy.
Granicus Valles29.7131750Ancient name for river in Turkey.
Grjotá Valles15.4165.4370River in Iceland.
Harmakhis Vallis-40.590.4475Ancient Egyptian word for "Mars."
Hebrus Valles20126.6317Ancient river in Greece.
Her Desher Vallis-25.1-48107Egyptian name for Mars.
Hermus Vallis-5.3-14846Classical name for river in ancient Lydia (modern Turkey).
Himera Valles-21.4-22.8160Ancient name for Italian river.
Hrad Vallis38.4135.3825Word for "Mars" in Armenian.
Huo Hsing Vallis30.266.6318Word for "Mars" in Chinese.
Hypanis Valles9.5-46.7231Classical name for river in Scythia; present Kuban River in Russia.
Hypsas Vallis33.757.932.8Classical name for river in Sicily.
Iberus Vallis21.315280.2Classical name for river present Ebro River in NE Spain.
Indus Vallis19.138.7307Ancient and modern name for river in Pakistan.
Isara Valles-5.3-146.68Classical name for modern Oise River in France.
Ituxi Vallis25.115362River in Brazil.
Kasei Valles24.4-651,780Word for "Mars" in Japanese.
Labou Vallis-8.6-154.5222French word for Mars.
Ladon Valles-22.4-28.7278Ancient name for Greek river.
Lethe Vallis4153.5225River in Katmai National Monument, Alaska, USA.
Licus Vallis-2.9126.1219.1Ancient name for modern Lech River, France.
Liris Valles-10.657.9613Ancient name for modern Liri River, Italy.
Lobo Vallis26.9-61.2102Modern river in Ivory Coast.
Locras Valles8.647.7314Ancient name for river on Corsica.
Loire Valles-18.1-16.7720Modern river in France.
Louros Valles-8.4-82517Modern river in Greece.
Ma'adim Vallis-21.6177.3825Word for "Mars" in Hebrew.
Mad Vallis-56.276.1524Modern river, Vermont, USA.
Maja Valles12.5-58.31,516Nepali word for "Mars".
Mamers Valles4017.81,020Word for "Mars" in Oscan.
Mangala Valles-11.5-151828Word for "Mars" in Sanskrit.
Marikh Vallis-19.33.91,280Malaysian word for Mars.
Marte Vallis14.8-176.51,185Spanish word for "Mars".
Matrona Vallis-7.6176.151Classical name for present Marne River, France.
Maumee Valles19.5-53.2350North American river (Indiana, Ohio).
Mawrth Vallis22.4-16.5636Welsh word for "Mars".
Minio Vallis-4.3-151.888Classical name for river in Italy.
Mosa Vallis-14.722.2171Modern river in Western Europe.
Munda Vallis-5.4-146.310Classical name for river in ancient Lusitania, (modern Mondega River in Portugal).
Naktong Vallis5.232.9494Modern name for river in Korea.
Nanedi Valles4.8-49508Word for "planet" in Sesotho, national language of Lesotho, Africa.
Naro Vallis-460.6393Ancient name for modern Neretva River, Yugoslavia.
Nestus Valles-7.1-158.633Classical name for river in Macedonia (Greece).
Nia Vallis-53.8-34.7133Lowell canal name; also classical river name.
Nicer Vallis-7.2-158.254Classical name for present Neckar River, Germany.
Niger Vallis-35.192.2333River in Africa.
Nirgal Vallis-28.1-42496Word for "Mars" in Babylonian.
Ochus Valles7.1-45.1104Classical name for present Hari-Rud River in Turkmenistan.
Oltis Valles-23.7-21.7173Ancient name for modern Lot river, France.
Osuga Valles-15.1-38.6185River in Russia.
Padus Vallis-4.5-150.146Classical name for modern Po River in Italy.
Pallacopas Vallis-55-21660Lowell canal name; also classical river name.
Paraná Valles-22.9-10.2350Ancient and modern name for South American river (Brazil, Argentina).
Patapsco Vallis23.8152.5153Modern river in Maryland, USA.
Protva Valles-28.9-60.6260River in Russia.
Rahway Valles9.3173.8500River in New Jersey, USA.
Ravi Vallis-0.2-40.7205.5Ancient Pakistani River.
Ravius Valles46.2-111.3233Classical name for river in N.W. Ireland.
Reull Vallis-42.3104.1945Word for "planet" in Gaelic.
Rhabon Valles21.2-91.5247Classical river in Dacia (Romania).
Rubicon Valles44.7-117240Ancient river in Italy.
Runa Vallis-28.4-36.839.2Name proposed by Soviets.
Sabis Vallis-5.2-152.5206Classical name for present Sambre River in France and Belgium.
Sabrina Vallis11.1-49237Classical name for present Severn River, England.
Samara Valles-24.9-19.1615Ancient name for modern Somme River, France.
Scamander Vallis15.828.5204Ancient name of river at Troy (modern Turkey).
Senus Vallis-5.2-14720Classical river in Ireland.
Sepik Vallis-0.9-65.856River in New Guinea.
Shalbatana Vallis7.7-42.1963Word for "Mars" in Akkadian.
Silinka Vallis8.9-28.2140River in Russia.
Simud Vallis10.1-37.5775Word for "Mars" in Sumerian.
Stura Vallis22.7142.475Classical river east of Rome, Italy.
Subur Vallis11.7-53.226Classical river in Mauritania.
Surinda Valles-28.9-35.195Name proposed by Soviets; found on Mars-5 Map.
Surius Vallis-61.5-48.4570Lowell canal name.
Tader Valles-48.8-152.5200Ancient name for present Segura River, Spain.
Tagus Valles-6.7114.4155.4Ancient and modern river in Spain, Portugal.
Taus Vallis-4.8-148.512.6Classical river in Caledonia (Scotland).
Termes Vallis-11.1-157.148Classical river in ancient Lusitania, present Tormes River, Spain.
Teviot Vallis-43.4102.1140River in Scotland.
Tinia Valles-4.6-14918.7Classical river in Italy.
Tinjar Valles37.7124.2425Modern river in Sarawak, Malaysia.
Tinto Vallis-4111.4146.5River in Spain.
Tisia Valles-11.845.7399Ancient name for modern Tisza River, Ukraine.
Tiu Valles15.7-35.71,720Word for "Mars" in old English (West Germanic).
Trebia Valles32.1150183Classical name for modern Trebbia River, Italy.
Tyras Vallis8.3-50.268Classical name for present Dniester River, Ukraine.
Uzboi Vallis-29.5-37.1366Dry riverbed in Russia.
Valles Marineris-13.7-59.23,769General name of the system of canyons honoring the scientific team of the Mariner 9 program.
Varus Valles-8.6-156.292Classical name for present Var River, France.
Vedra Valles19.2-55.6115Ancient European river (Great Britain).
Verde Vallis-0.529.895River in Arizona, USA.
Vichada Valles-19.488.1430River in Colombia.
Vistula Valles13.6-51.9190Classical name for modern Wistla River in Poland.
Walla Walla Vallis-9.8-54.524River in Washington, USA.
Warrego Valles-41.9-93188Modern Australian River.