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Mars: Fossae

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Feature NameLatitudeLongitudeDiameter (km)Origin
Acheron Fossae37.3-135.8718From classical albedo feature at 35N, 140W.
Aganippe Fossa-8.2-126.2532Classical albedo feature name.
Alba Fossae53.9-104.82,080Classical albedo name.
Albor Fossae18150.7131From albedo feature at 20N, 205W.
Amenthes Fossae8.7101.8889Classical albedo feature name.
Calydon Fossa-7.4-88.1352The son of Ares and Astynome.
Ceraunius Fossae29.2-1091,137Classical albedo feature name
Cerberus Fossae11.8171.21,630From albedo feature at 10n, 212W. Changed from Cerberus Rupes. Note: Extent of this feature expanded 10/11/2007.
Chalce Fossa-51.7-39.740Albedo name.
Claritas Fossae-31.2-104.12,050Classical albedo feature name.
Coloe Fossae36.257.1590Classical albedo feature name.
Coracis Fossae-35.6-80.6780From albedo feature at 46S, 87W.
Cyane Fossae32.2-120.1938Classical albedo feature name.
Echus Fossae2.9-76.9400Classical albedo feature name.
Elysium Fossae24.6146.31,175Classical albedo feature name.
Erythraea Fossa-27.2-31152Classical albedo feature name.
Fortuna Fossae4.2-93.1330Classical albedo feature name.
Galaxias Fossae36.3141.8532Albedo feature name.
Gigas Fossae3.2-129.8191Albedo feature name.
Gordii Fossae14.8-127.6339From classical albedo feature name.
Halex Fossae27.1-126.4137From albedo feature at 40N, 110W.
Hephaestus Fossae20.9122.5604Classical albedo feature name.
Hyblaeus Fossae21.2137.3400Albedo feature name.
Icaria Fossae-46.1-123.82,280From albedo feature at 44S, 130W.
Idaeus Fossae36.7-51.9235Classical albedo feature name.
Ismeniae Fossae41.337.7270From albedo feature at 40N, 333W.
Jovis Fossae19.7-116.6332From albedo feature at 16N, 111W.
Labeatis Fossae25.2-84.11,560Previously named feature at 30N, 75W; expanded coordinates.
[Labeatis Fossae]20.7-95616Previously named feature at 30N, 75W; expanded coordinates. Name dropped because in the database twice.
Mangala Fossa-17.3-146688Named for nearby valles.
Mareotis Fossae43.7-75.31,860From albedo feature at 32N, 96W.
Medusae Fossae-3.2-163333Classical albedo feature name.
Melas Fossae-26.5-72.3600Classical albedo feature name.
Memnonia Fossae-23.4-154.41,597Classical albedo feature name.
Nectaris Fossae-24.3-57.4650Classical albedo feature name.
Nia Fossae-14.7-72.3384Classical name for river Gambia, West Africa.
Nili Fossae22.676.8667Classical albedo feature name.
Nilokeras Fossa24.8-57.8265Classical albedo feature name.
Noctis Fossae-2.8-98.7725Classical albedo feature at 10S, 96W.
Oceanidum Fossa-61.7-29.4153Classical albedo feature name.
Olympica Fossae24.8-114.1420From albedo feature at 17N, 134W.
Oti Fossae-9.2-116.8370Classical albedo feature.
Pavonis Fossae4.1-111.5168Albedo name.
Pyramus Fossae50.765.8270From albedo feature at 65N, 300W.
Sacra Fossae21.5-68.5950Classical albedo feature name.
Sirenum Fossae-34.6-160.92,735Classical albedo feature name.
Stygis Fossae26.6149.7370Albedo feature name.
Tanais Fossae38.9-86.6165.5Classical albedo name.
Tantalus Fossae50.6-97.52,400From albedo feature at 35N, 110W.
Tempe Fossae39.9-71.42,000From albedo feature at 40N, 70W.
Thaumasia Fossae-47.2-92.71,028Classical albedo feature name.
Tithoniae Fossae-3.5-82820Classical albedo name.
[Tithoniae Fossae]-6.3-82.5492Classical albedo feature name. Name dropped because in the database twice.
Tractus Fossae25.7-101.4390Classical albedo feature name.
Tyrrhena Fossae-22.3105.7287Classical albedo name.
Ulysses Fossae10.1-123.4851.4From albedo feature name.
Uranius Fossae25.4-90.1394Classical albedo feature name.
Zephyrus Fossae24143.7295Albedo feature name.