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Mars: Albedo Features

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Feature NameLatitudeLongitudeDiameter (km)Origin
Aeolis-4.9145naFloating island where winds were kept in a cave.
Aeria9.950naGreek name for Egypt; "far land of mist".
Aetheria39.7130naUpper world; land of living.
Aethiopis9.9130naCountries of the Ethiopians on southern edge of the Earth.
Amazonis0-140naLand of the Amazons; on the island Hesperia.
Amenthes4.9110naEgyptian name for place where souls of the dead go.
Aonium Sinus-44.7-105naNamed for Aonides, or Muses.
Arabia19.830naCountry bordering on Aeria (Egypt).
Arcadia44.7-100naMountainous region in southern Greece.
Argyre-44.7-25na"Silver" Island at mouth of Ganges River; present-day Arakan, Burma.
Arnon47.725naClassical name for present El-Mojib River, Jordan.
Aurorae Sinus-14.8-50na"Bay of Rosy Dawn"; Aurora held back the dawn.
Ausonia-39.7110naCountry of the Aruncii (Ausones in Greek).
Baltia59.7-50naName of large island in northern Europe where amber was found.
Boreosyrtis54.770naNorthern continuation of Nilosyrtis; "Syrtis of the north."
Candor3-75naMeans "Blaze" or "White" in Latin.
Casius39.7100naEpithet of Zeus; for his two sanctuaries in Egypt/Arabia and Syria.
Cebrenia49.7150naMain country of the Trojan Plain.
Cecropia59.740naOld name for Acropolis; used to mean Athens.
Ceraunius19.8-93na"Thunderclap"; named for Ceraunii Mountains on coast of Epirus, Greece.
Cerberus14.8155naHound who had 3 heads; guarded gates of hell.
Chalce-49.70naOld name of island of Khalki, west of Rhodes.
Chersonesus-49.7100naGallipoli Peninsula.
Chryse9.9-30naIsland rich in gold; region of Thailand/Malacca.
Chrysokeras-49.7-110na"Golden Horn"; Byzantine Peninsula (now Turkey), or its inlet.
Claritas-34.7-110naLatin, meaning "bright."
Copais Palus54.780naNamed for marsh north of Mt. Helicon in Boeotia, Greece.
Coprates-14.8-65naOld name for Persian River Ab-I-Diz.
Cyclopia-4.9130naLand where cyclops dwelt.
Cydonia39.70naPoetic term for Crete.
Deltoton Sinus-455na"Bay of the triangle"; makes triangle with Iapygia and Oenotria.
Depressio Hellespontica-59.720naDepression southwest of Hellespontus.
Deucalionis Regio-14.820na"Deucalion's region;" Deucalion was King of Thessaly who saved himself from flood.
Deuteronilus34.70naDesignation of 2nd part of old feature "Nilus."
Diacria49.7180naHighland area in northern Attica, Greece.
Dioscuria49.740na"Home of Dioscuri," Polydeuces and Pollux; symbolic name for Sparta.
Edom015naBiblical country of Edomites, south of Judea.
Electris-44.7170naElectra's island near River Eridanus; famous for amber formed from tears shed by Phaethon's sisters.
Elysium24.8150naHome of the blessed on western edge of world.
Eridania-44.7140naRegion on the Po River, Italy.
Eunostos21.8-120na"Lucky journey or lucky return"; i.e., infernal regions beyond Elysium.
Euphrates19.825naBiblical fourth River of Paradise.
Gehon14.80naBiblical second River of Paradise; bordering Eden.
Hellespontus-49.735naThe Dardanelles.
Hesperia-19.8120na"The Occiden"; name for Italy (Greek); or Spain (Roman) or West area of Ethiopians where sun sank.
Hiddekel14.815naTigris River, Babylonia; Biblical third River of Paradise.
Hyperboreus (Lacus)74.8-60naFar northern lake.
Iapygia (Iapigia)-19.865naClassically, Iapygia was all of Apulia, or just the Salentine Peninsula.
Icaria-39.7-130naLand where Icarus lived (Crete).
II Thyle I-69.8180naNamed for Thule; may be middle Norway; used to indicate far northern lands.
[Isidis Regio]19.885naIsis' Region; Isis was Egyptian goddess of heaven and fertility.
Ismenius Lacus39.730na"Ismenian Lake"; Ismenia is poetic term for Thebes.
Jamuna9.9-40naPresent Jumna River, India.
Juventae Fons-4.9-63naThe "Fountain of Youth;" a fountain in India.
Laestrygon (Laestrigon)0160naMan-eating giants who lived in the west.
Lemuria69.8160naPurported drowned continent south of India; also relates to lemur monkeys found on Madagascar & Sunda Islands.
Libya090naArea from W. Egypt to greater Syrtis.
Lunae Palus14.8-65naRoman Moon goddess Luna; "Luna's Swamp," or African Lunae Mountains where Nile was thought to originate.
Mare Acidalium44.7-30naName for Acidalian (Venusian) fountain in Boeotia where the Graces bathed.
Mare Australe-59.7-10naSouth Sea
Mare Boreum59.7180naNorth Sea
Mare Chronium-57.7150na"Cronian Sea", northern part of World Sea where eternal dead calm, dangerous to ships, prevailed.
Mare Cimmerium-19.8140naCimmerians were ancient Thracian seafarers; "far western sea" (Homer).
Mare Erythraeum-24.8-40naIndian Ocean.
Mare Hadriacum-39.790naAdriatic Sea.
Mare Serpentis-29.740naNamed for Constellation Serpens (the snake).
Mare Sirenum-29.7-155naSea of the Sirens.
Mare Tyrrhenum-19.8105naTyrrhenian Sea, between Italy and Sicily.
Margaritifer Sinus-9.9-25na"Pearl Bay," after Pearl Coast, South India.
Maricourt53-71.3naTown in Canada.
Memnonia-19.8-150naLand of Memnon, King of Ethiopia.
Meroe34.775naEthiopian island on Nile; now Atbar.
Moab19.810naBiblical town bordering Edom.
Moeris Lacus7.990na"Moeris Lake;" Moeris was Egyptian lake in Libyan Desert.
Nectar-27.7-72naNamed for the drink of the gods.
Neith Regio37.788naLower world in Egyptian mythology.
Nepenthes19.8100naEgyptian drug of forgetfulness.
Nereidum Fretum-44.7-55na"Straits of the Nereids", who were sea nymphs.
Niliacus Lacus29.7-30naLake of the Nile.
Nilokeras29.7-55na"Horn of the Nile;" part of "Nulus" Canal.
Nilosyrtis41.770naSyrtis of the Nile; part of Nilus (Nile) Canal.
Nix Olympica19.8-130na"Snows of Olympus;" Olympus was mountain home of gods in Greece.
Noachis-44.730naBiblical; "Noah's (Region)."
Ogygis Regio-44.7-65na"Region of Ogygos;" Ogygos was ancient King of Thebes or Athens, Greece.
Olympia79.9160naAncient and modern Greek city.
Ophir-9.9-65naBiblical land to which King Solomon sent naval expedition; probably India.
Ortygia59.70naFloating island (present Delos) where Leto bore Apollo and Artemis.
Oxia Palus7.9-18naLake (swamp into which Oxus River flows; i.e. Sea of Aral).
Oxus19.8-12naPresent Amoo-Darya River.
Panchaia59.7160naSituated near Heliopolis, Egypt; or island in Red Sea rich in frankincense, gold, silver, thus Utopia.
Pandorae Fretum-24.844naWoman who let loose evils of world when she opened a box.
Phaethontis-49.7-155na"Of Phaethon;" who recklessly drove Chariot of Sun.
Phison19.840naBiblical first river of Paradise.
Phlegra31172.2na"Burning plain;" in Chalcidian Peninsula of Greece where Zeus hurled thunderbolts at Titans to support Hercules.
Phoenicis Lacus-11.9-110na"Lake of the Phoenix;" Arabia or India.
Phrixi Regio-39.7-70na"Phrixus' Region;" Phrixus and sister Helle escaped sacrifice in Boeotia on back of ram with golden fleece.
Promethei Sinus-64.880naPrometheus' Bay; Greek mythological character.
Propontis44.7175naThe Sea of Marmora, Asia Minor.
Protei Regio-22.8-50na"Proteus' Region;" Proteus was a sea god with a gift of prophecy.
Protonilus41.745naDesignation of first (Eastern) part of "Nilus" or Nile Canal.
Pyrrhae Regio-14.8-38na"Pyrrha's Region;" named for Pyrrha, wife of Deucalion.
Scandia60.2-147.9naSouthern Scandinavia.
Sinai-19.8-70naBiblical; named for area next to Mare Erythraeum (Indian Ocean).
Sinus Meridiani-4.90na"Middle Bay," from Flammarion map.
Sinus Sabaeus-7.920naToday's Red Sea; Saba was part of southern Arabian Peninsula.
Sithonius Lacus44.7115naRegion inhabited by Sithonii; synonym of Thrace.
Solis Lacus-27.7-90na"Lake of the Sun"; the so-called "Eye of Mars," connecting East with West.
Styx29.7160naGreat river around nether region, which souls must cross on journey from Earth.
Syria-19.8-100naProvince in Near East including Phoenicia; or one of the Cyclades (Homer).
Syrtis Major9.970naLibyan Gulf, now Gulf of Sirte.
Tanais49.7-70naPresent River Don, Russia.
Tempe39.7-70naGreek valley south of Mt. Olympus noted for its beauty.
Tharsis00naConnecting link between East and West; ancient Spanish town Tartessus.
Thaumasia-34.7-85naNamed for Thaumas, god of clouds; Arabia.
Thoth29.7105naEgyptian messenger god.
Thymiamata9.9-10na"Land of sweet-scented perfumes"; South Yemen or India.
Tithonius Lacus-4.9-85na"Tithonian Lake"; Tithonus received from his wife Eos eternal life but not eternal youth.
Tractus Albus29.7-80na"White Tract" in Latin.
Trinacria-24.892naClassical name for Sicily.
Trivium Charontis19.8162na"Crossroad of Charon"; meeting place of several netherworld Canals.
Uchronia69.8100naLand of Agelessness.
Umbra49.770naMeans "Shadow" in Latin.
Utopia49.7110naGreek, meaning "nowhere"; ideal state.
Vulcani Pelagus-34.7-15naNamed for Vulcan, Roman god of fire.
Xanthe9.9-50naGolden-Yellow Land.
Yaonis Regio-39.740naNamed for Chinese Emperor Yao; flood occurred during his reign.
Zephyria0165naLand of the west wind.