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Io: Paterae

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Feature NameLatitudeLongitudeDiameter (km)Origin
Ababinili Patera12.79-142.16105Chickasaw fire and sun god.
Agni Patera-40.826.9519.7Hindu god of fire.
Ah Peku Patera10.34-107.0484Mayan thunder god.
Aidne Patera-1.78-177.0930.26Irish creator of fire.
Altjirra Patera-34.4-108.9752.55Australian sky god whose voice is thunder.
Amaterasu Patera38.1353.4793.1Japanese sun goddess.
Angpetu Patera-21.15-8.7913.68Dakota name meaning the sun.
Aramazd Patera-73.5823.1968.82Armenian thunder god.
Arusha Patera-39.06-101.4868.07Hindu god of the rising sun.
Asha Patera-8.84134.31108.33Persian spirit of fire.
Atar Patera31.181.4286.41Iranian personification of fire.
Aten Patera-48.5349.9843.4Egyptian sun god.
Babbar Patera-39.7988.0285.74Sumerian; sun god.
Balder Patera11.44-156.142Norse god of light.
Belenus Patera2.9-157.7223.01Celtic fire and sun god.
Bochica Patera-61.5-18.8552.38Chibcha sky god.
Camaxtli Patera15.25-136.858.39Aztec thunder, tornado, and war god.
Carancho Patera1.4342.830.04Bolivian legendary hero who received fire from an owl.
Cataquil Patera-23.89-16.57133.95Inca god of thunder and lightning.
Catha Patera-53.76-101.5868.59Etruscan sun god.
Chaac Patera11.88-157.4495.88Mayan thunder and rain god.
Chors Patera68.47110.1564.97Slavic sun god.
Creidne Patera-53.0217.47152.82Celtic smith god.
Cuchi Patera-0.9-144.5776.28Australian snake demon whose growl is thunder.
Culann Patera-20.22-160.1754.48Celtic smith god.
Daedalus Patera19.5285.6573.29Greek hero, smith; father of Icarus.
Dazhbog Patera55.158.52118.39Slavonic sun god.
Dingir Patera-4.1318.6347.38Sumerian sun god; means "shining".
Dusura Patera37.47-119.0268.58Nabataean sun god.
Ekhi Patera-28.35-88.551.04Basque sun goddess.
Emakong Patera-3.33-119.8280.08Sulca (New Britain) man who brought fire.
Estan Patera21.61-87.7195Hittite sun god.
Fo Patera40.79167.7547.15Chinese fire and sun god.
Fuchi Patera28.3432.4363.67Ainu fire goddess.
Gabija Patera-51.9157.4748Lithuanian fire and household goddess.
Galai Patera-10.8771.89105.23Mongol fire god.
Gibil Patera-14.9965.36102.38Sumerian fire god.
Girru Patera22.8120.0868.23Babylonian fire god.
Gish Bar Patera16.18-90.26122.25Babylonian sun god.
Grannos Patera11.17-145.2945Gaulish sun god.
Haokah Patera-20.87173.3553.86Sioux thunder god.
Hatchawa Patera-59.42-31.9984.98Yaroro (Slavic) god who, in form of a boy, gave fire to mankind.
Heiseb Patera29.79115.1562.48Bushman devil who represents fire.
Heno Patera-57.1448.5371.06Iroquois god of thunder.
Hephaestus Patera1.9570.2138.84Greek smith god.
Hi'iaka Patera-3.64-79.47128.27Sister of Pele.
Hiruko Patera-65.0931.1789.54Japanese sun god.
Horus Patera-9.8222144.21Egyptian falcon-headed solar god.
Huo Shen Patera-15.0131.0262.73Chinese god of fire.
Ilmarinen Patera-14.44-1.1545.94Finnish blacksmith with supernatural creative powers.
Inti Patera-68.3712.4870.91Inca sun god.
Isum Patera29.82151.5462.24Assyrian fire god.
Itzamna Patera-16.13-99.46126.36Mayan sun, sky, wind and rain god.
Janus Patera-4.56-39.0560.07Italian sun god.
Kami-Nari Patera-8.7124.9253.39Japanese god of rolling thunder.
Kane Patera-48.39-11.77135.77Hawaiian god of sunlight.
Karei Patera0.2-13.0835.29Semangan (Malay Penninsula) thunder god.
Kava Patera-16.8318.6763.82Persian blacksmith.
Khalla Patera5.1456.4448.24Bushman sun in form of man often referred to as the hunter.
Kibero Patera-11.8354.963.34Yaroro toad who lives in underworld giving mankind fire.
Kinich Ahau Patera49.3449.845.21Mayan sun god.
Kurdalagon Patera-49.61142.0128.15Ossetian celestial smith.
Laki-oi Patera-38.94-61.93105.16Bornean hero who invented fire.
Llew Patera12.16117.6978Celtic sun god.
Loki Patera12.9751.2227.79Norse blacksmith, trickster god.
Lu Huo Patera-38.526.8363.95Stove fire associated with Chinese god of the hearth fire.
Maasaw Patera-40.2820.9143.99Hopi (USA) god of fire and death.
Mafuike Patera-13.52100.53148.32Hawaiian demigoddess whose fingers held fire.
Malik Patera-34.15-129.59121.68Babylonian, Caananite sun god.
Mama Patera-11.284.6915.72Chagaba (Chibcha, Colombia) word for sun.
Manua Patera35.7838.27110.51Hawaiian sun god.
Masaya Patera-22.6215.5155.09Nicaraguan smith god.
Maui Patera16.61-124.2537.84Hawaiian demigod who sought fire from Mafuike.
Mazda Paterae-8.8146.72240.78Babylonian sun god.
Mbali Patera-31.5-5.0640.7Pygmy word representing fire itself.
Menahka Patera-31.3115.259.15Mandan (USA) name for the sun.
Mentu Patera7-139.36103Egyptian god of the rising sun.
Michabo Patera1.2-167.6104Algonquin lord of eastern light, thunder, and wind.
Mihr Patera-16.5154.5561.72Armenian fire god.
Mithra Patera-5993.5433.78Persian god of light.
Monan Patera19.72-105.39112.89Brazilian god who destroyed the world with fire and flood.
Mulungu Patera17.26142.1362.48African thunder god.
Namarrkun Patera10.06-175.5216.69Australian "lightening man" who made lightening and thunder by striking
clouds with stone axes attached to his elbows and knees.
Nina Patera-38.24-162.652.07Inca fire god.
Ninurta Patera-16.7444.7582.34Babylonian god of the spring sun.
Nusku Patera-65.01-3.82124.31Assyrian fire god.
Nyambe Patera0.3816.8958.15Zambezi sun god.
Ot Patera-1.1142.652.26Mongolian fire and marriage goddess.
Paive Patera-45.711.4659.05Saami-Lapp sun god.
Pautiwa Patera-34.214.416.62Hopi (USA) name for the sun.
Pillan Patera-12.34116.7573.43Araucanian thunder, fire, and volcano god.
Podja Patera-18.4155.2667.03Tungu spirit who keeps the fire.
Purgine Patera-2.6162.735.74Mordvinian (Russia) thunder god.
Pyerun Patera-55.64108.7952.18Slavonic god of thunder.
Ra Patera-8.6635.339.11Egyptian sun god.
Radegast Patera-27.78-159.9827.11West Slavic maker of thunder and lightning.
Rarog Patera-41.7155.59104.35Czech fire deity.
Rata Patera-35.61160.2246.31Maori sun hero.
Reiden Patera-13.4124.5573.26Japanese thunder god.
Reshef Patera27.69-158.0662Phoenician god of lightning, sun, and thunder.
Reshet Patera0.5354.52148.34Aramaic sun god.
Ruaumoko Patera14.72-139.7419Polynesian god who causes earthquakes and volcanos.
Ruwa Patera0.19-1.7562.44African sun god associated Mt. Kilimanjaro.
Savitr Patera48.19-123.3692.48Hindu sun god.
Sd Patera-2.9156.4352.1Phoenician chariot rider of the Sun.
Sengen Patera-32.8956.2763.64Japanese; deity of Mt. Fugiyama.
Seth Patera-5.35-131.6759.82Egyptian thunder god.
Sethlaus Patera-52.29166.1778.57Etruscan celestial smith.
Shakuru Patera24.1294.26105.01Pawnee (USA) sun god of the East; gives light and heat.
Shamash Patera-34.99-152.59205.3Assyro-Babylonian sun god.
Shamshu Patera-10.07-62.9796.36Arabian sun goddess.
Shango Patera32.35-100.5290.22Yoruba thunder god.
Shoshu Patera-20.3635.3313.08Caucasian patron of fire.
Sigurd Patera-5.94-97.9368.6Norse sun hero.
Siun Patera-49.84-0.4452.5Nanai (Siberia) sun god.
Steropes Patera15.54-138.8520One of the Greek Cyclops who created thunderbolts for Zeus.
Sui Jen Patera-19.1-2.6533.78Chinese hero who discovered fire.
Surya Patera21.47-151.5949.81Hindu sun god.
Susanoo Patera22.39140.258.41Japanese storm and thunder god.
Svarog Patera-48.6694.26124.03Russian smith god.
Talos Patera-26.395.2524.67Nephew of Daedalus; also a blacksmith.
Taranis Patera-71.37-25.53130.67Celtic thunder god.
Taw Patera-33.651.634.74Monguor word for fire or hearth.
Tawhaki Patera3.32-76.1849.85Maori lightening god.
Thomagata Patera25.67-165.9459Chibcha storm god, a terrifying fire spirit who flew through the air changing men into animals.
Tien Mu Patera12.31-134.328Chinese Mother-Lightening.
Tiermes Patera22.3810.0579.76Lapp thunder god.
Tohil Patera-25.63-158.6676.59Central American god who gave fire to man.
Tol-Ava Patera1.837.8684.53Mordvinian (Russia) goddess of fire.
Tung Yo Patera-18.27-0.9359.68Chinese fire god.
Tupan Patera-18.73-141.1379.13Thunder god of the Tupi-Guarani Indians of Brazil.
Tvashtar Paterae62.76-123.53306.19Indian sun god and smith who forged the thunderbolt of the thunder god Indra.
Ukko Patera30.95-18.4135.25Finnish thunder god.
lgen Patera-40.8572.6943.89Siberian progenitor god who struck first fire.
Uta Patera-35.86-22.436.03Sumerian sun god.
Vahagn Patera-24.119.2599.6Armenian fire god.
Viracocha Patera-61.7779.9159.3Qechua sun god.
Vivasvant Patera75.1466.0283.19Hindu god of the morning sun.
Wabasso Patera-22.9-166.732Potawatomi (north central U.S.) sun god.
Wayland Patera-32.8134.7763.37Anglo-Saxon legendary smith.
Yaw Patera9.9-132.239Hebrew sun god at Gaza.
Zal Patera40.25-74.5165.94Iranian sun god.