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Ganymede: Craters

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Feature NameLatitudeLongitudeDiameter (km)Origin
Achelous61.8-11.740Greek river god; father of Callirrhoe, Ganymede's mother.
Adad57.51.939Assyro-Babylonian god of thunder.
Adapa73.1-31.356Assyro-Babylonian; lost immortality when, at Ea's advice, he refused food of life.
Agreus15.9127.363Hunter god in Tyre.
Agrotes60.9167.574Tyre; greatest god of Gebal; farmer god.
Aleyin15.1-134.112.4Son of Ba'al, spirit of springs.
Ammura31.717.661.5Phoenician; god of the west.
Amon33.7139.3101.8Theban king of gods.
Amset-14.4-178.810.9One of the four gods of the dead, son of Horus.
Anat-4.1-127.92.9Assyro-Babylonian goddess of dew; Rand control-point crater.
Andjeti-52.8-161.152.5Egyptian; first god of Busirus.
Anhur32.6167.725Egyptian warrior god.
Antum5.1141.114.7Babylonian; wife of Anu.
Anu65.215.755Sumerian-Akkadian god of power, of heavens.
Anubis-84.2-128.9113.8Egyptian jackal-headed god who opened the underworld to the dead.
Anzu63.5-62.5205Gigantic lion-headed bird-like figure, the Sumerian Thunderbird.
Apophis-88465Egyptian gigantic serpent symbolizing chaos or nonexistence.
Ashîma-39.1-12384.2Semitic-Arab god of fate.
Asshur54.226.525.6Assyro-Babylonian warrior god.
Atra-hasis22.5105.8125Exceedingly wise' hero of Akkadian myth, survived the great flood.
Aya68.337.838Assyro-Babylonian; wife of Shamash.
Ba'al24.930.143.2Phoenician; Canaanite god.
Bau23-48.780.2Goddess who breathed into men the breath of life; daughter of Anu and patroness of Lagash.
Bes-25.5179.161Egyptian god of marriage.
Chrysor15.3-134.36.9Phoenecian god; inventor of bait, fishing hooks and line, first to sail.
Cisti-31.7-64.269.6Iranian healing god.
Damkina-30-5180Babylonian sky and health deity, queen of the gods, and mother of Marduk in some accounts.
Danel-4.3-21.355.2Phoenician; mythical hero versed in art of divination.
Dendera-1.2104.682.2Town where Hathor was chief goddess. (Name changed from Dendera Facula.)
Diment23.18.240.4Egyptian goddess of the dwelling place of the dead.
Ea17.7-148.719.1Assyro-babylonian god of water, wisdom, and the earth.
El1-151.454.3"Father of Men", existed before the birth of gods.
En-zu11.6-168.45Babylonian moon god.
Enkidu-26.634.8121.1Friend of Gilgamesh.
Enlil55.347.834.4Assyro-Babylonian; nature god of the air, hurricanes, and nature.
Epigeus23.4179.4343Phoenecian god.
Erichthonius-15.3-175.330.5Possible father of Ganymede.
Eshmun-17.4167.996.5Phoenician; divinity of Sidon.
Etana74.719.544.5Assyro-Babylonian; asked the eagle for an herb to give him an heir.
Gad-13.6-137.672.1Semitic god of fate or good fortune.
Geb56.3177.460Heliopolis Earth god.
Geinos18.6140.658Tyre; god of brick making.
Gilgamesh-62.8-125153Assyro-Babylonian; sought immortality after Enkidu died.
Gir34-145.773.2Sumerian god of summer heat.
Gula64.1-12.338Assyro-Babylonian; health god.
Halieus34.3-167.191.6Tyre; fisherman god.
Hapi-30.6147.498.5Egyptian god of the Nile.
Harakhtes35.9-100.2108"Horus of the Two Horizons", form of Egyptian god Horus who represents the path of the sun.
Haroeris28.563.270Egyptian sky god whose eyes are the sun and the moon, a form of Horus.
Hathor-66.991.4173Egyptian goddess of joy and love.
Hay-tau14.5-133.126.9Nega god, spirit of forest vegetation.
Hedetet-33108.9102.3Egyptian scorpion goddess.
Hershef47.390.5117.9Egyptian ram-headed god.
Humbaba-55.2-67.335Babylonian terrifying guardian of the cedar forests.
Ilah21.9-160.679.6First Sumerian sky god.
Ilus-13.4-110.390Ganymede's brother.
Irkalla-32.6-114.7116.2Sumerian goddess of underworld, seen by Enkidu in a dream.
Ishkur0.3-8.467.6Sumerian god of rain.
Isimu8.4089.5Sumerian god of vegetation.
Isis-67.3158.975.3Egyptian goddess; wife of Osiris.
Kadi47.7-178.586.7Babylonian goddess of justice.
[Keret]16-35.236Phoenician hero. Name dropped because feature not found on imagery.
Khensu1-152.914.2Egyptian moon god.
Khepri20.4-147.647.1God of transformations for the Heliopitans.
[Khnum]-17.8-85.245Egyptian ram-headed creation god. (Provisional name Khnum changed to Nah-Hunte.)
Khonsu-37.5169.280Egyptian moon god.
Khumbam-24.124.656.9Assyro-Babylonian; Elamite creator god.
Kingu-34.8132.978Assyro-Babylonian; conquered leader of Tiamat's forces whose blood was used to create man.
Kishar72.610.379Assyro-Babylonian; terrestrial progenitor goddess.
Kittu0.425.415Assyro-Babylonian god of justice.
Kulla33.3-113.892.4Sumerian god of brick making.
Lagamal64.4115.2131Son of Babylonian god Ea.
Latpon58.8-171.242One of the sons of El.
Lugalmeslam23.8166.265.1Sumerian god of the underworld.
Lumha36-154.357.8Title of Enki as patron of singers; also Babylonian priest.
Maa1.3156.431.7Egyptian god of the sense of sight.
Mehit29-164.447.2Egyptian lion-headed goddess; Anhur's wife.
Melkart-9.9173.8105Phoenician; divinity of Tyre.
Menhit-36.5-140.5140Egyptian lion and war goddess.
Min29.2-1.233.1Egyptian fertility god.
Mir-3.3129.78West Semitic god of wind.
Misharu-4.424.188Assyro-Babylonian god of law.
Mont44.648.115Theban war god.
Mor30.532.641.3Phoenician; spirit of the harvest.
Mot9.9-165.923.3Spirit of the harvest, one of the sons of El.
Mush-15.1-114.899.3Sumerian male deity; upper parts are human, lower parts a serpent.
Nabu-45.4-1.240Sumerian god of intellectual activity.
Nah-Hunte-17.8-85.249.4Elamite god of light and justice.
Namtar-58.319.249.2Assyro-Babylonian plague demon.
Nanna-17.6118.156Sumerian moon god; god of wisdom.
Nefertum44.338.928.7Original divine son of the Memphis triad, son of Ptah.
Neheh72.1-62.554Egyptian god of eternity.
Neith29.4-787.6Egyptian warrior goddess; goddess of domestic arts.
Nergal38.6159.79.6Assyro-babylonian king of the underworld.
Nidaba17.7-123.2199.4Sumerian grain goddess.
Nigirsu-58.239.553.3Assyro-Babylonian; god of the fields, war god.
Ningishzida14.1170.232Sumerian vegetation god.
Ninkasi59.2-48.781Sumerian goddess of brewing.
Ninki-8.2-120.5194.2Consort to Ea, Babylonian god of water.
Ninlil6.2-118.390.8Chief Assyrian goddess; Asshur's consort.
Ninsum-14.5-140.688.2Minor Babylonian goddess of wisdom; Gilgamesh's mother.
Nut-54.390.793Egyptian goddess of the sky.
Osiris-38.1-166.4107.7Egyptian god of the dead.
Ptah-65.914330.2Sovereign god of Memphis; patron of artisans.
Punt-24.9120.1135Land east of Egypt where Bes originated. Changed from Punt Facula.
Ruti13.251.416Phoenician; Byblos god.
Saltu-14.27.340Babylonian goddess of discord and hostility.
Sapas57.4-33.956Assyro-Babylonian; torch of the gods.
Sati30.9-12.894.7Wife of Khnum, Egyptian god of the Cataracts.
Sebek61.23.165Egyptian crocodile god.
Seima17.1144.138Mother goddess of the Arameans.
Seker-39.214.5103.4Egyptian god of the dead at Memphis.
Selket15-105.8172.3Tutelary goddess who guarded intestines of the dead.
Serapis-12.5-44.1169.3Egyptian healing god.
Shu43.23.244.1Egyptian god of air.
Sin52.92.519Babylonian moon god.
Ta-urt27.655.994.4Egyptian childbirth goddess.
Tammuz13.4129.451Akkadian youthful god of vegetation; Ishtar's son.
Tanit57.5-36.626Assyro-Babylonian; Carthaginian goddess.
Tashmetum-39.795.5135Assyro-Babylonian goddess who invented writing with her husband Nabu.
Teshub-68.580.4188Elamite god of the tempest.
Thoth-43.3-147.2102.5Egyptian moon god; invented all arts and sciences.
Tros11.1-27.393.9Greek; father of Ganymede.
Upuant46.440.516.5Jackal-headed warrior god, god of the dead.
[Wadjet]-53.891.1100Egyptian cobra goddess. Same crater as Nut.
We-ila-12.469.736.3Akkadian god from whom the hero Atra-hasis was created.
Wepwawet-69.9-59.887Ancient Egyptian jackal deity.
Zakar31.226.3170Assyrian supreme diety.
Zaqar58.2-37.333Assyro-Babylonian; Sin's messenger who brought dreams to men.