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Europa: Linae

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Feature NameLatitudeLongitudeDiameter (km)Origin
Adonis Linea-61-122.61560Greek; son of Phoenix, nephew of Europa.
Agave Linea12.886.91440Daughter of Harmonia and Cadmus.
Agenor Linea-43.8146.51496Greek; Europa's father.
Alphesiboea Linea-25.1-175.91438Son of Phoenix, nephew of Europa.
Androgeos Linea11.780.7723Son of Minos in Greek mythology.
Argiope Linea-1.7164.4689Greek; another name for Telephassa.
Asterius Linea14.989.21943Greek; Europa's husband after Zeus.
Astypalaea Linea-75.8147.9817Sister of Europa.
AutonoŽ Linea18.2-165.1760Daughter of Harmonia and Cadmus in Greek mythology.
Belus Linea9.3128.62437Greek; Agenor's twin brother.
Butterdon Linea-44.7-0.11900Stone row in England.
Cadmus Linea38.7168.33548Greek; brother of Europa.
Chthonius Linea-1.455.82180Survivor of the men Cadmus sowed with dragon's teeth, a founder of Thebes.
Corick Linea17.8-18.31300Stone row in Ireland.
Drizzlecomb Linea7.7-111.71500Stone row in England.
Drumskinny Linea48.3-1611375Stone row in Ireland.
Echion Linea-11.6174.81026Survivor of the men Cadmus sowed with the dragon's teeth; a founder of Thebes.
Euphemus Linea-11.4-45.71250In Greek mythology, son of Europa and Poseidon who could walk on water.
Glaukos Linea57.8129.11400Son of Minos in Greek mythology.
Harmonia Linea28-171.71154Wife of Cadmus.
Hyperenor Linea-12.135.62996Survivor of the men Cadmus sowed with dragon's teeth, a founder of Thebes.
Ino Linea-1.7-174.61515Daughter of Harmonia and Cadmus.
Katreus Linea-38.8146.7195Son of Minos in Greek mythology.
Kennet Linea-41483200Stone row in England.
Libya Linea-54179366Greek; Agenor's mother.
Mehen Linea56123.31500Stone row in Brittany, France.
Merrivale Linea-4160.51600Stone row in England.
Minos Linea47.2164.82170Greek; son of Europa and Zeus.
Onga Linea-38.7148.7870Phoenician name for Athene.
Pelagon Linea35.5-173.6616.7King who sold Cadmus the cow with a white full moon on each flank.
Pelorus Linea-19.8171.71535Greek; survivor of the men Cadmus sowed with the dragon's teeth; a founder of Thebes.
Phineus Linea-29.840.12004Greek; brother of Europa.
Phoenix Linea16.6171.21621Brother of Europa.
Rhadamanthys Linea19.3159.51747Son of Europa and Zeus.
Sarpedon Linea-49.5-92.9900Greek; son of Europa and Zeus.
Sharpitor Linea65.4-171.71650Stone row in England.
Sparti Linea59.3114.51600In Greek mythology, warriors who sprouted from the dragon's teeth sewn by Athene, ancestors of the Thebans.
Staldon Linea-0.8-27.41525Stone row in England.
Tectamus Linea26.9160.82096Father of Asterius.
Telephassa Linea-0.8-177.2777Europa's mother.
Thasus Linea-66.1176669.3Greek; brother of Europa.
Thynia Linea-59.2-154.5412.6Peninsula between Black and Marmara Seas, where Phineus sought Europa.
Tormsdale Linea47.7102875Stone row in Ireland.
Udaeus Linea48.6120.62050In Greek mythology, survivors of the men Cadmus sowed with dragon's teeth.
Yelland Linea-16.7164186Stone row in England.