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Europa: Craters

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Feature NameLatitudeLongitudeDiameter (km)Origin
Aine-43-177.55Celtic goddess of love and fertility.
Amaethon13.82-177.471.7Celtic god of agriculture.
Amergin-14.7129.417Legendary Irish druid and poet.
Angus-12.6-75.14.5Beautiful Celtic god of love.
Avagddu1.4-169.510Celtic storm deity, ill-fated son of Tegid the Bald.
Balor-52.8-97.84.8Celtic god of the night whose evil eye caused the death of those on whom it glanced.
Bress37.64-98.6610Beautiful son of Elatha in Celtic mythology.
Brigid10.8-81.39.5Celtic goddess of healing, smiths, fertility and poetry.
Camulus-26.5-81.14.5Gaelic war god.
Cilix2.6178.115Brother of Europa; Rand control-point crater.
Cliodhna-2.5-76.43Celtic goddess of beauty who was lured asleep by music, then swept away by a great wave.
Cormac-36.9-88.14Cormac Mac Art, High King of Ulster in Irish myths.
Dagda37.35-168.749.8One of the chief deities of the Tuatha de Danann in Irish mythology.
Deirdre-65.4152.74.5The most beautiful woman in Irish myths.
Diarmuid-61.3-1028.2Handsome Irish mythological warrior, husband of Gráinne.
Dylan-55.3-84.45.3Celtic sea god.
Elathan-31.9-79.82.5Handsome Celtic king, father of sun god Bres.
Eochaid-50.48126.6710.6King of the Fir Bolgs in Celtic mythology.
Govannan-37.357.211.5One of the Children of Don, a smith and brewer.
Gráinne-59.7-99.413.5Daughter of Cormac Mac Art, the mythical High King of Ulster, and wife of Diarmuid.
Gwern9.1415.4622.2Son of Branwen in Celtic mythology.
Gwydion-60.5-81.65Celtic poet, one of the children of the mother goddess Don.
Llyr-1.8138.21.1Celtic sea god.
Luchtar-40.2102.4319.9Celtic god of carpentry.
Lug27.99-44.3111Irish omnicompetent god.
Mael Duin-16.8162.12Celtic hero.
Maeve58.8-78.921.3Mythological Irish queen of Connacht province.
Manannan3.1120.330Irish sea and fertility god.
Math-25.6176.310.8Celtic god of wealth and treasure.
Midir3.6521.2537.4Gaelic fate and underworld deity.
Morvran-4.9-152.615Celtic; ugly son of Tegid.
Niamh21.1143.15Golden-haired daughter of the Celtic sea and fertility god Manannán.
Ogma87.4572.145Celtic god of eloquence and literature, a son of Dagda.
Oisin-52.3146.66.2Mythical Irish warrior, son of Fionn Mac Cumhail and Sadb.
Pryderi-66.1-159.11.7Son of Pwyll, Celtic god of the underworld.
Pwyll-25.288.645Celtic god of the underworld.
Rhiannon-80.9165.115.9Celtic heroine.
Taliesin-22.8-13850Celtic, son of Bran; magician.
Tegid0.8-164.429.7Celtic hero who lived in Bula Lake.
Tuag59.92-172.3615.2Irish dawn goddess.
Uaithne-48.5-90.76.5The harpist for Dagda, the father of all gods in Celtic myths.