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Callisto: Craters

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Feature NameLatitudeLongitudeDiameter (km)Origin
Adal75.5-79.741.7Norse; son of Karl and Erna.
Aegir-45.8-103.853.9Norse sea god.
Agloolik-47.7-82.461.6Eskimo spirit of the seal caves.
Agroi43.2-10.967.4Finno-Ugric god of twins.
Ahti41.4-102.454.8Finnish god of water; sends fish to the fisherman.
Ajleke22.7-101.470Saami god of holidays.
Akycha72.641.381Alaskan name of the sun.
Alfr-9.9137.396Norse dwarf.
Ali59-55.932.9Norse; strongest of men.
Anarr44-0.541.7Norse dwarf.
[Aningan]50.5-8.2287Moon god of Greenland Eskimos. This name has been dropped.
Arcas-85.6-67.560.9Callisto's child by Zeus.
Askr51.835.968.8Norse; first man, created from a log drifted ashore on a beach.
Audr-30.9-80.680.8Ottar's ancestor.
Austri-80.9-64.515Norse dwarf.
Aziren35.4-178.255.6Estonian spirit of death.
Balkr28.9-11.768Norse; Ottar's ancestor.
Barri-31.5-70.569Ottar's ancestor.
Bavorr49.1-2085.3Norse dwarf.
Beli62.6-80.255.6Celtic; father of Caswallawn.
Biflindi-53.6-74.158Another name for Odinn.
Bragi75.5-60.761.8Skaldic; god of poetry.
Brami28.8-1975.7Norse; Ottar's ancestor.
Bran-24.2154.478Celtic; omnipotent god who watched over people.
Buga22.336.159Tungu heaven god.
Buri-37.5-45.586Norse dwarf.
Burr42.7-134.575.4Norse giant; his sons raised up heaven's vault and shaped the Earth.
Dag58.5-73.346.6Norse; Ottar's ancestor.
Danr62.5-76.945.2Norse; king against whom Konr marched.
Debegey10.2-166.2125Yukagir (NE Siberia) mythological hero, the first man.
Dia73-50.534.4Greek; Callisto's sister.
Doh30.6-141.459.5Ketian shaman who created the earth.
Dryops80-34.831.5Greek; son of Dia by Apollo.
Durinn67-89.151.6Norse dwarf.
Egdir33.9-35.960.6Norse; shepherd for the giants.
Egres42.5-176.645.5Karelian deity of the harvest of beans.
Erlik66.8-1.326.6Russian first man who became a devil.
Fadir56.6-12.678.6Norse farmer.
Fili64.210.331.7Norse dwarf.
Finnr15.5-4.380Norse dwarf.
Freki79.88.355Norse; wolf's name meaning "unsatiable."
Frodi68.4-139.945.9Norse; Hledis' father.
Fulla74-108.158.9Norse; maid to Frigg, queen of the gods.
Fulnir60.1-35.343.1Norse; son of Thrael and Thyr.
Gandalfr-80.5-63.617Norse dwarf.
Geri66.76.238.9Norse; wolf's name meaning "greedy."
Ginandi-85.3-52.144.4Ottar's ancestor.
Gisl57.2-34.637Norse; steed ridden by Aesir.
Gloi49115115.3Norse dwarf.
Goll57.340.355.4Norse; servant to the gods.
Gondul60-114.145.5Norse; a Valkyrie.
Grimr41.5145.4103.2Norse; a name for Odin.
Gunnr64.6-104.761.1Norse; a Valkyrie.
Gymir63.7-48.840.6Norse; another name for the sea-god, Legir.
Habrok76.2-131.937.2Norse; a hawk.
Haki2544.972.2Norse giant.
Har-3.5252.2Norse; a name for Odin.
Heimdall-63.53210Teutonic god of light, guardian of the great bridge Bifröst.
Hepti64.5-23.448.6Norse dwarf.
Hijsi63.1-171.554.1Karelian deity of hunting.
Hodr69.1-89.276.5Norse; Baldr's blind brother who shot Baldr unknowingly.
Hoenir-33.799.181.1Norse; god who gave souls to first humans.
Hogni-11.8-4.876Norse; Ottar's ancestor.
Holdr43.9-108.268.1Son of Karl and Snor in Rigdismal.
Igaluk5.644111.7Alaskan name of the Moon.
Ilma-29.9-167.2102A celestial divinity of air.
Ivarr-5.838.673.1Norse; Ottar's ancestor.
Jalkr-38.6-82.793.5Another name for Odinn.
Jumal58.9-11858.5Estonian sky god.
Jumo65.7-11.843.6Finno-Ugric heaven god.
Kari48.2-116.334.5Ottar's ancestor.
Karl56.429.434Norse; Rigr's son with Amma.
Keelut-76.8-90.964Eskimo evil spirit who resembles a hairless dog.
Kul'62.9-121.940.5Komi wood spirit.
Lempo- evil spirit.
Ljekio49.1-162.323.8Finnish god of grass, roots of trees.
Lodurr-50.889.972Norse; god who gave first humans goodly color.
Lofn-56.5-22.3200Norse goddess of marriage.
Loni-3.6145.785Norse dwarf.
Losy65.336.762.1Mongolian; Mongol evil snake; tried to kill all living things.
Lycaon-45.4-5.959Callisto's father.
Maderatcha30.7-95.366.2Saami sky god.
Mera64.1-75.239.5Greek; another nymph of Artemis seduced by Zeus.
Mimir32.6-53.247.7Norse giant.
Mitsina57.5-103.740.4Alaskan old man who perished while hunting on ice.
Modi66.4-119.337.8Norse; son of Thor and Sif.
Nakki-56.4-69.759.8Finnish water god.
Nama572930.1Altaic hero who built ark to save his family from the flood.
Nar-1.5-4656.9Norse dwarf.
Nerrivik-16.9-56.444.3Alaskan name of Sedna.
Nidi66.4-94.949.3Norse dwarf.
Nirkes31.4-164.358.5Karelian patron of squirrel hunting.
Njord16.7-132.644.6Nordic gods called the Vanir; pacific, benevolent, guardians of man.
Nori45.216.4114Norse dwarf.
Norov-Ava54.6-112.841.4Mordvinian mistress of the field.
Nuada62.387.566Irish chieftan god.
Numi-Torum-50.1-92.975.6Mansi creator god.
Nyctimus-62.8-3.934Brother of Callisto.
Oluksak-47.8-63.586.7Eskimo god of lakes.
Omol'42.3-116.960.4Komi wood spirit.
Orestheus-46.7-47.722.5Brother of Callisto.
Oski57.59148.1Norse; a name for Odin.
Ottar61.5-103.959.8Innsteinn's son and Freyja's favorite.
Pekko18.3-5.462Finno-Ugric god of barley.
Randver-71.9-53.928Ottar's ancestor.
Reginleif-66-96.554.8Servant of the gods.
Reginn39.8-90.157Norse dwarf.
Reifnir-50.8-54.336.8Ottar's ancestor.
Rigr70.8115.472.5Norse; another name for the god Heimdall.
Rongoteus53.6-106.135.5Karelian deity of the harvest of rye.
Rota27.2-108.445Deity of the underground world.
Saga0.634.111.1Scandinavian goddess, wife of Odin.
Sarakka-3.3-53.547.7Finno-Ugric goddess of childbirth.
Seqinek55.5-25.480.7Eskimo; the sun.
Sholmo53.7-16.257Finno-Ugric heaven god.
Sigyn35.9-2949.8Norse; Loki's wife.
Skeggold-49.7-31.943Servant of the gods.
Skoll55.644.459.6Norse wolf.
Skuld10-37.991.8Norse; maiden living near Yggdrasill who governed the fate of humans.
Sudri55.9-135.669.5Norse dwarf.
Sumbur67.134.837.9Russian (Buriat) world mountain.
Tapio30.1-108.652.2Finnish deity of the wood who sends game to the hunter.
Thekkr-80.3-6213Norse dwarf.
Thorir-31.9-66.762.7Ottar's ancestor.
Tindr-2.34.575.8Norse; Ottar's ancestor.
Tontu27.6-100.340.2Finnish god of housekeeping.
Tornarsuk28.8-127.699Greenland legendary hero.
Tyll44.8-166.568.7Estonian epic hero; struggled with a giant.
Tyn71.1127.563Great god of Germanic peoples.
Uksakka-49.5-42.222.5Lapp protector goddess.
Valfodr-1.3113101.5Norse; a name for Odin, god of wisdom.
Vali9.734.754.3Norse; Ottar's ancestor.
Vanapagan39.5-158.562.7Estonian, a wicked giant.
Veralden33.3-95.575.2Saami god of fertility.
Vestri45.3-52.577.3Norse dwarf.
Vidarr12.1166.678Norse god.
Vitr-22.110.672.8Norse dwarf.
Vu-Murt21.5-170.334.5Estonian spirit of water.
Vutash31.6-102.346.2Estonian spirit of water.
Ymir51.5-99.779Norse; giant from whom Earth was created.
Yuryung-54.7-85.775.1Yakutian heaven god.