Martian Heights for NASA World Wind

Martian Heights for World Wind is an extensive collection of high resolution maps of Mars exploration from the Viking craft in 1976 to the present. Data categories include high resolution Surface Imagery, Physical, Geological, Chemical measurements and properties. Martian Heights also includes Surface Features, Contours and Spacecraft Landing Sites.

Martian Heights allows you to readily visualize the diverse data that has been collected over the last forty years of interplanetary exploration of Earth’s neighbor. It is designed to provide a scientific reference source of planetary data, as well as an intuitive interface for the educational exploration of Martian physical properties.

Surface Imagery

Martian Heights contains very high resolution (up to 250 meter) maps of surface imagery obtained from the Mars Global Surveyor and Viking missions. These include color and grayscale maps, as well as processed and enhanced versions that accentuate subtle surface features. Additionally, all the currently named features of Mars are identified and labeled.

Geophysical Data

Martian Heights also examines the geophysical properties of the Red Planet. Albedo and thermal inertia measurements were performed by the Mars Global Surveyor Thermal Emission Spectrometer. Gravity and geoid data was obtained by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Radio Science Gravity Field Experiment. Surface roughness was derived from Mars Global Surveyor Mars Orbiter Laser Altimeter (MOLA) observations.


Martian Heights incorporates maps of Mars’ geology and mineral distributions. Analysis of the different infrared wavelengths measured by the Thermal Emission Spectrometer of Mars Global Surveyor was used to produce maps of mineral abundances.


Martian Heights provides topographic maps in a variety of colors derived from elevation data collected during the survey conducted by the Mars Orbiter Laser Altimeter, as part of the Mars Global Surveyor mission.

Elemental Abundance

Martian Heights also includes maps of the distribution of water and various elements, determined by the Gamma Ray Spectrometer component of the Mars Odyssey expedition.

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