Sea Level Plus for NASA World Wind

Sea Level Plus is a compilation of potential sea level scenarios and current climate change science based on the latest available data. Data categories include High Resolution Sea Level Maps, Risk to Coastal Regions, Carbon Cycle, Fossil Fuel and Energy Economics, Changes in Sea Ice and Land Ice, Risks to Coral Reefs, Increasing Temperature and Heat Content, Drought and Vulnerable Populations.

Sea Level Plus contains over 800 maps in total, covering numerous aspects global and regional causes and effects of climate change. Maps are provided at the highest resolutions publicly available to facilitate exploring these crucial phenomena in detail around the world.

Sea Level Plus allows you to readily visualize the complex biological and human factors that underlie the behavior of Earth’s climate. It is designed to provide a scientific reference source of climate change data, as well as an intuitive interface for the educational exploration of this field.

Sea Level Maps

Sea Level Plus contains 20 high resolution (~1 km) maps of sea level from the current level to 80 meters higher (the theoretical rise with complete melting of the Greenland and Antarctic ice caps.

Coastal Risk

Sea Level Plus provides very high resolution (~500 m) maps of the vulnerability of coastal regions to effect of rising sea levels, flooding and storm surges.

Carbon and Greenhouse Gases

Sea Level Plus incorporates maps of the Carbon Cycle and Greenhouse gases. Biological Carbon reservoirs and conversion of carbon dioxide are presented on land and in the oceans. Global and country-wise distributions and production of carbon dioxide are analyzed, according to a variety of criteria.

Energy Economics

Sea Level Plus examines the economic statistics of national consumption and production of the major categories of energy and includes relative dependencies on renewable and non-renewable sources of electrical generation.

Sea Ice and Land Ice

Sea Level Plus provides an assortment of data illustrating the properties and changes in Earth’s cryosphere. It compiles maps of Monthly Sea Ice Concentrations for over 30 years and includes maps and contours of historical statistics for comparison. It also includes characteristics of the ice sheets covering Greenland and Antarctica, as well as the extent and types of Northern Hemisphere permafrost.

Temperature and Heat

Sea Level Plus supplies long term analyses of the thermal changes that have occurred over the last 50 years. Global fluctuations of heat and temperature are provided for atmospheric and marine systems.

Effects of Climate Change

Sea Level Plus includes maps of a number of the effects observed and predicted with rising global temperatures, such as sea level rise, deaths attributable to climate change and risk of desertification. Monthly bleaching conditions for coral reefs since 2001 are also depicted.


Sea Level Plus also examines annual global drought conditions based on high resolution satellite measurements.

Low Lying Cities

Sea Level Plus identifies cities and towns in coastal regions with low elevations. Economics losses from increased coastal flooding and storm surges has been estimated to reach 50-60 billion USD by 2050. Two thirds of the cities with more than 5 million inhabitants lie 10 meters or less above sea level.

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